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Shinelogics is an IT – Software Technological Service and Products development company . We have startup with Team of 25 to aiming the creativity and innovation in Technology arena . Our advanced ideas are transformed into simplified Technological framework .

Shinelogics ‘s straightforward principle to build any Business solutions to be Simple | Customizable | Innovative |Profitable and People friendly … , The Technology focus are . Open source |Web and Mobility | Digitalized | Cloud Based and Data analytics ..

We are keep delivering the IT services and products for today’s business problem like Service and Customer Management, We have an innovative product called ‘ eOpSys( Entrepreneur Operating System) for Service Sector , Traders and Manufacturer. We have majorly Focused Small and midsize Businesses where they are able to employ minimum budget for their Business operation and development .

Web and Mobility

Digital Innovation

Open Source

Cloud Computing and Data Analytics

Leaders Speaks

Digitalization , Mobility , Data analytics and Agile Software development revolutionize our lives, but memory, tradition and myth frame our response. All these technology is equivalent to magic in IT world , Keep Executing the best .

The history Says that when customers complain, ours Clients and managers ought to get excited about it. So The complaining customer represents a huge opportunity for more business, and everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later .

Partnerships and Consulting

SHiNELOGICS have wide range of technical expertise involved developing the next generation software for all sort of essential Business needs.

We are seeking to expand our technological service across the globe , We would needed the capable consultants and Partners to expand all our innovative products and Service. Our signed Partners and consultants authorized to sell the products and service anywhere in the world . Please write us to know info@shinelogics.com.


  • Systematic ,Goal and ROI focused Process Our Project and product are systematic
  • Quality Oriented and Meaningful System process
  • We are dedicated to client business success
  • Powerful technical support team
  • Web solution on mobile phone as well
  • Branding and Digital Marketing to Customer business success
  • Innovative and Experienced Technical team